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Asia-Pacific Institute of Management

  • PGDM (BFS)

    Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Banking and FInancial Services)

    The 2-year Post Graduate Diploma Programme in Banking and Financial Services at AIM, New Delhi, has been designed to empower the graduates to take on managerial and leadership roles in major national and international banks and financial institutions in India and abroad. Students receive rigorous academic preparations along with essential communication and leadership skills, and hands-on industry experience through industry visits and internship programs.

    PGDM (BFS) - First Year Courses

    The first year covers Financial Accounting, Banking Law & Practice, Global Business Environment, as well as Organization Behaviour and Marketing Management. PGDM students at Asia-Pacific Institute of Management (AIM), New Delhi, undergo a detailed study of how banking industry and financial institutions function and grow. They also learn the fundamentals of marketing, e-business, and operations management.

    S.No PGDM BFS Sub Code Credit
    1 Business Communication BC 1
    2 Organizational Behaviour OB 1
    3 Business Statistics BS 1
    4 Marketing Management-I MM-I 1
    5 Financial Accounting for Managers FAM 1
    6 Managerial Economics ME 1
    7 IT for Managers ITM 1
    8 Foreign Language 1 FL NC
    S.No PGDM BFS Sub Code Credit
    1 Decision Science for Managers DS 1
    2 Managerial Communication MC 1
    3 Organizational Design and Development ODD 1
    4 Marketing Management–II MM-II 1
    5 Management Accounting MA 1
    6 Financial Management–I FM-I 1
    7 Management Information System MIS 1
    8 Macro Economics MAE 1
    9 Foreign Language-2 FL-2 NC
    S.No PGDM BFS Sub Code Credit
    1 Operations Management OM 1
    2 Global Business Environment GBE 1
    3 E-Business EB 1
    4 Human Resource Management HRM 1
    5 Research Methodology RM 1
    6 Financial Management-II FM-II 1
    7 Financial Services FS 1
    8 Banking Law & Practises BLP 1

    Summer Internship Programme (SIP)

    Internships have a distinct edge over interview based final recruitment as a method of evaluating potential employees. Deserving candidates often get Pre-Placement Offers, and students at AIM have enjoyed a particularly special relationship with their recruiters in this regard. It is firmly believed by the recruiters that summer interns offer a fresh perspective to projects. They are in a unique position to provide an objective and unbiased point of view about the organization’s work process.

    After completion of three terms in the first year, the students undertake Summer Internship in industry for gaining hands-on experience. SIP is of eight to nine weeks duration. As a part of SIP, students submit a detailed project report and make a formal presentation to a panel consisting of Faculty and external members from industry/ academics.

    PGDM (BFS) - Second Year Course

    The Programme offers the student a Major in the area of Banking & Financial Services, along with a Minor in any other area, thus opening up a broader choice of careers. The second year courses are a mix of compulsory (core) courses and electives in the specialization areas of student's choice.

    There are two compulsory courses in each term. The student selects a total of twelve elective courses, eight from the Major area and four from the Minor area, as shown under. All courses carry 1 credit each.

    S.No PGDM BFS Sub Code Credit
    1 Legal Aspects of Busienss LAB 1
    2 Personal Growth Lab PGL 1
    3 Strategic Management SM 1
    4 Credit Management CM 1
    5 Strategic Financial Management(ELECTIVE- 1A) STFM (BFS) Majo 1
    6 ELECTIVE-1B BFS Major 1
    7 ELECTIVE-2A Minor 1
    8 Summer Internship Programme SIP 2
    S.No PGDM BFS Sub Code Credit
    1 Innovation and Entrepreneurship INE 1
    2 Business Ethics and Corporate Governance BECG 1
    3 Risk Management in Banks RMB 1
    4 ELECTIVE-1A BFS Major 1
    5 ELECTIVE-1B BFS Major 1
    6 ELECTIVE-1C BFS Major 1
    7 ELECTIVE-2A Minor 1
    S.No PGDM BFS Sub Code Credit
    1 ELECTIVE-1A BFS Major 1
    2 ELECTIVE-2A Minor 1
    3 ELECTIVE-2B Minor 1
    4 Dissertation DISS 2


    The second year students undertake a six-month long research project, concurrently with terms V and VI. This is a crucial phase in their programme, as it involves an integration of their theoretical knowledge with the practical world of business. Collection of data through primary research and/or secondary research is an integral component of this project. The students proceed as follows:

    Selection of project by student in his/her area of specialization
    • Submission of Synopsis as a project proposal to the assigned Faculty Guide.
    • Approval of Synopsis by Faculty Guide.
    • Execution of the project under close supervision of Faculty Guide, with periodic progress reviews and evaluation.
    • Submission of detailed Project Report, followed by presentation by the student before a panel consisting of Faculty and external members from industry/ academics.


    Electives Term
    Security Analysis 4
    Investment Banking 4
    Strategic Financial Management* 4
    Financial Risk Management 5
    Financial Modelling 5
    Project Appraisal & Finance 5
    Forex Management in Banks** 5
    International Finance 6
    Portfolio Management 6
    Taxation 6

    Asia-Pacific Institute of Management
    is a top ranked Business School in India. The
    latest Business Today - MDRA survey 2017
    ranked the Institute 9th amongst all B schools
    in Metro City (Delhi NCR), and 11th amongst
    all B schools in North Zone of India.



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