Apply now and join Asia Pacific Institute of management in 2017

Apply now and join Asia Pacific Institute of management in 2017

Applications to Asia Pacific Institute of management, New Delhi are now in full swing, with hundreds of people having already applied for management courses starting in Autumn 2016. This year, we have some new aspects of the application process and also some new programmes so it is important to check that you still meet all of the entry requirements for your chosen programme before you apply.

Dual and Super Specialization Program

Successful students in Asia Pacific Institute of management are usually very motivated to study their chosen specialization and typically have a career in mind that they want to pursue after finishing their studies. This is why they decide to opt for a specialist Master programme. As you can only indicate limited preference; therefore, it is essential that you consider your choice carefully to ensure that the programme you choose to apply for best matches your strengths, interests and career aspirations. Most people are unlikely to be equally motivated for both Marketing and Finance, for example, as the programmes are so different. Even if you are really enthusiastic about both options, you can actually study both programme at Asia Pacific Institute of management. All the Programmes are designed and specialized keeping in mind the current market and industry development.

Following are the few features of our program:

PGDM (General): Dual specialization program. The focus here is primarily on building a strong foundation of conceptual and analytical skills required for advanced and specialized courses offered in the second year.  Students with diverse academic backgrounds choose this program to be well versed with various functional areas namely, human resource, operations, and Information technology in addition to the conventional specialization.

PGDM (Marketing): Super Specialized Program 

To meet the corporate demand, new electives have been added namely, digital marketing, even and media management and strategies for emerging markets and others have been introduced in the curriculum. Workshops have been introduced to provide hands- on training on the latest digital media technique.

PGDM (International Business): Super Specialized Program

Here were teaching integration of the Indian economy and businesses with the global environment.  As a part of the curriculum for International Business, we offer global exchange program for Students preparing them for International market.

PGDM (Banking and Finance Services): Super Specialized Program

Develops ‘quality’ bankers through a carefully devised curriculum to teach the most modern finance and accounting methods. Helps students to seek key positions in the Banking and financial sector of India and abroad.